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Episode 1 - First Contact

A new queen, Tsunami, has been selected in the magical kingdom of Juraihelm, and her first task is to bring peace by selecting a representative on planet Earth to do good deeds on her behalf. However, her rival Ramia has plans to stop her by choosing her own Earthling representative of evil. Two ordinary schoolgirls, Sasami Kawai and Misao Amano, are given magical powers and become the magical girls Pretty Sammy and Pixy Misa, rivals to the end!
Episode 2 - The Crash Course
Pretty Sammy confronts her first foe, the diabolical Pixy Misa. Using her powerful magic, Misa summons an electric guitar-wielding "Love-Love Monster", CD Girl, to beat Sammy. Alas, without having learned any magic yet, Sammy is no match for a Love-Love Monster, so Misa postpones the fight until Sammy can get some more training.
Episode 3 - Test! Test! Test!
Sasami receives a score of 60% on a test, and worries that her parents will be displeased. They are quite happy with her performance, but send her to a free trial class at a cram school nonetheless. However, when she gets there she finds Pixy Misa is terrorising the class with another Love-Love Monster!

Episode 4 - Jump Over the Top!

The students of class 4-3 are tested on their PE skills by jumping over a vaulting box. Misao is helped to train by several classmates, but she soon finds herself on the wrong side of the jealous and smart-mouthed class bully Konoha, and Ramia isn't about to stand idly by and watch her terrestrial representative getting a rough treatment...

Episode 5 - Debut! The Star Sammy

Sales at the Kawai family music shop are flagging, so Sasami's parents come up with an idea to attract more customers. Having seen Pretty Sammy in action, they organise a show to make Sammy into an idol singer. Can Sasami overcome her stage fright and appear on national television as Pretty Sammy?

Episode 6 - Dodge Ball Battle!

Class 4-3, a raucous bunch at the best of times, attract the criticism of Kiyone, the teacher of the bookish class 4-2 in the next room because of the noise they make during lunch hour. When their differences are taken to the school yard in a disagreement over who gets the use of the games court, a dodge ball battle royal ensues!

Episode 7 - Talent for Trouble

A brilliant young scientist, Washu Fitzgerald Kobayashi, is appointed as science teacher at Sasami's school. She is determined to discover the secrets of the magical girls that have been reported in Umi no Hoshi town, and introduces the students to her own brand of highly dangerous science experiments in the hope that creating a little chaos will lure Pretty Sammy out.

Episode 8 - Mid Summer Santa

When Misao feels lonely in her empty apartment one night, Sasami offers to sleep over to keep her company. Ramia plans to scare Sasami by getting Pixy Misa to create a ghostly Love-Love Monster, but some help arrives in the form of a rather unseasonable visitor who looks suspiciously like Sasami's next-door neighbour.

Episode 9 - The Island of Love-Love Monsters

A motorbike accident leaves Sasami and her father stranded on a supposedly deserted island. However, the island is actually home to a ranch for Misa's cast-off Love-Love Monsters and a young boy named Peter who is training them. Just to complicate matters, some of Sasami's classmates arrive on the island thanks to Washu, who is still investigating Pretty Sammy.

Episode 10 - East vs. West

Sasami and her father stumble across an abandoned wild west tourist town where a proud family of ninja are locked in a bitter feud against a group of arrogant gunslinging cowboys. Ever the one to stick up for the underdog, Sasami's dad steps in to help the ninja, but the cowboys have got a certain evil magical girl on their side...
Episode 11 - The Lost Baton
Sammy misplaces her magical baton during a fight with a Love-Love Monster and it finds its way into the hands of her classmate Konoha. Konoha uses it to become a magical girl, Funky Connie, but between her misguided magic and Pixy Misa's latest rampage, Umi no Hoshi town is placed in great peril, and this time there's no Pretty Sammy to save the day!
Episode 12 - The Blue Sky Rangers
Sasami meets the young assistant director of a TV show and, having developed a crush on him, takes to hanging around the studio. When he takes up the job of directing, he has a hard time getting the production team to see his vision, but Sammy steps in to help him when one of the actors walks out.

Episode 13 - All I Want is You

Kiyone's mother arranges a matchmaking meeting with a handsome, rich, successful young man, and before long the entire school knows and wants to help her. Sasami's parents, along with half of Mihoshi's class sneakily accompany her on the first date, but Ramia cannot resist interfering with Kiyone's love life.

Episode 14 - The Fellow Called Boss

A gang of tough-talking bullies led by a man known simply as "Boss" arrives at Umi no Hoshi elementary school. Determined to take over the school, Boss challenges the strongest person in the school to a fight, and as everyone knows, Pretty Sammy is as strong as they come!

Episode 15 - Baby Sammy

Professor Washu dupes Sasami into testing out her experimental growth formula. At first it works perfectly, transforming Sasami into an adult, but it has an unpredictable side-effect; when Sasami awakes the next morning, she has turned into a baby!

Episode 16 - The Team, "Lovely Madams"

Part one of a two part story. Ramia grows weary of Pixy Misa's failed attempts to defeat Pretty Sammy using Love-Love Monsters and organises a head-to-head showdown. However, fair play is not in her vocabulary, so she backs Misa up with a team of magical fighters recruited from the housewives of Umi no Hoshi town.

Episode 17 - Farewell, The Team, "Lovely Madams"!

The concluding part of the story. With Sammy out for the count, the Japan Self-Defence Force are brought in to handle the situation, but they are no match for the magical team of battling housewives. Can Sammy summon up enough power to free herself and overcome their devastating Sexy Power attacks?

Episode 18 - You are the Sunshine Girl

A new student is transferred to Sasami's class, a cheerful, energetic girl named Hikari Asahina. When Hikari becomes friendly with Sasami, Misao begins to feel left out. However, Hikari seems to have a hidden agenda - for some reason, she is very keen to meet Ryo-Ohki.

Episode 19 - The Magic Fades Away

Part one of a two part story. Misao has cause for celebration when her long-absent father returns from overseas. Meanwhile, Tsunami's task to restore the balance of Gemini nears completion, so Ramia attempts her final attack on Pretty Sammy by getting Pixy Misa to use her maximum magical power.

Episode 20 - Friends

The concluding part of the story. Misao finally comes to realise that she is really Pixy Misa. Wracked with guilt and believing that Sasami will never forgive her, she runs away from home. However, being forced to revert to Misao has made her Pixy Misa side uncontrollable. Can Sasami rid her friend of Ramia's evil magic once and for all?

Episode 21 - I'm Glad to Have the Mystic Force

Misao volunteers to play the piano in the concert for the school festival, and the whole of her class pitch in to help, writing lyrics and practising their singing for the performance. Sasami wants Misao's father to watch the concert, and tries to learn teleportation magic to travel overseas and fetch him, but it turns out to be much more difficult than she hoped!

Episode 22 - The Third Magical Girl is Coming!

The balance of Gemini has finally been restored and Tsunami is about to be crowned queen of Juraihelm. However, there is still one person who wants to scupper her bid for leadership, and this time it's not Ramia - the third and all-but forgotten candidate for the crown, Romio, has returned to recruit one of Sasami's classmates as a brand new evil magical girl.

Episode 23 - Goddess of Destruction

Romio's magical servant Love Me Eimi continues to cause havoc in Umi no Hoshi town. Pretty Sammy soon makes short work of Eimi and her minions, but the true horror of Romio's scheming only comes to light after Tsunami is crowned and the planet of Juraihelm restored to its former position in tandem with Earth.

Episode 24 - The Moon Must Be Hell!

Romio uses her specially-constructed NT (New Technology) system to drain the magical powers out of the population of Juraihelm and fire a magical cannon at Earth, sending it on a collision course with the sun. It's all up to Pretty Sammy, with a little help from her friends and family, to travel to Juraihelm and put a stop to Romio's insane plan.

Episode 25 - New Technology

The Earth continues its plummet towards the sun, Juraihelm has been rendered a barren desert by Romio's magic-draining NT system, and even Sammy's magical powers are absorbed. Luckily, Pixy Misa, Rumiya and Ryo-Ohki are there to help, and Washu reveals her own NT system designed to boost Sammy's magical powers.

Episode 26 - Magical Victory

Romio takes flight in her magical battleship for the final showdown. Misa and Rumiya keep her distracted while Sasami and Ryo-Ohki try to destroy her NT system. However, time is running out for the inhabitants of Earth. Can the magical girls pull through and save both planets in time?

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