Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (OVA) Episodes

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Episode 1 - Ryoko Resurrected

Tenchi Masaki, an ordinary high-school student, unwittingly releases a demon trapped in a forbidden cave. The “demon”, a young woman called Ryoko, tracks Tenchi down to his school, eager to take revenge for her 700 years of imprisonment in the most destructive way possible!

Episode 2 - Here Comes Ayeka!

Princess Ayeka from the planet Jurai, seeking her long-lost half-brother Yosho, arrives on Earth. However, when she finds Ryoko, who she believes is responsible for Yosho's disappearance, she imprisons her and Tenchi aboard her ship. Luckily, Ayeka's little sister Sasami helps them to escape, and Ryoko uses her own spacecraft, named Ryo-Ohki, to crash Ayeka's ship and strand the princesses on Earth.

Episode 3 - Hello, Ryo-Ohki!

Ryoko finds an egg amongst the wreckage of her ship, Ryo-Ohki, which hatches into a cute furry creature, a replacement spaceship! Ayeka stumbles across Tenchi practising swordplay with his grandfather in the forest, and notices how similar their fighting style is to that used on Jurai. Could it be a clue to the whereabouts of her missing brother?

Episode 4 - Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars

An incompetent Galaxy Police officer, Mihoshi, is sent to patrol Earth, where the wanted criminal Kagato is headed. Meanwhile, Tenchi and his extended family take a short vacation at a local hot springs, and chaos ensues as Ryoko and Ayeka's fighting destroys the resort and causes Mihoshi's ship to crash, stranding the Galaxy Police officer on Earth.

Episode 5 - Kagato Attacks!

The murderous space criminal Kagato arrives on earth and seizes Ryoko, claiming to be her creator. Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka and Mihoshi chase after him aboard Ryo-Ohki (who has transformed into her spaceship form and combined with the remains of Ayeka's ship, Ryu-Oh).

Episode 6 - We Need Tenchi

The girls head for Kagato's ship to avenge Tenchi. Meanwhile, on Earth, Sasami senses Tenchi is in trouble and summons Tsunami, her own Juraian battleship, to save him from near-death. Mihoshi accidentally releases a 20,000-year-old scientific genius, Washu, from Kagato's imprisonment, who turns out to be Ryoko's true creator, and Tenchi returns to face Kagato in a battle to the death.

Episode 7 / Special - The Night Before the Carnival

Life after the Kagato incident is still chaotic at the Masaki household. Ayeka, helped by Washu, plants a replacement Ryu-Oh seedling to grow a new ship. Ryoko and Ayeka, spurred on by reading romantic comic books, try out all kinds of methods of winning Tenchi's love. Resolving to get the competition out of the way, they trick Mihoshi into reporting back to Galaxy Police HQ, and trap Washu in her laboratory in the closet under the stairs. However, Ryoko and Ayeka are soon fighting fist-to-fist over Tenchi again.

Episode 8 - Hello Baby!

Tenchi and the girls are charged with the duty of looking after his baby cousin, Taro, for a few days. As can be expected, chaos ensues and before too long the girls have run themselves ragged. It takes Washu to show them how to care for a baby, but even under her instruction they cannot cope, so Washu takes on the job single-handedly.

Episode 9 - Sasami and Tsunami

Tenchi and family return to the local hot springs resort in need of a holiday, but end up having to repair the place first, since they destroyed it in episode 4. While working at the inn, the others see a ghostly figure in white. Meanwhile, Sasami is acting oddly, and she has a secret about her past to reveal.

Episode 10 - I Love Tenchi!

Ryoko accidentally damages a robe that belonged to Tenchi's late mother. When Tenchi yells at her, he accidentally upsets Ryo-Ohki as well. The heartbroken Ryo-Ohki sulks in Washu's laboratory, where her emotions affect a colony of shape-shifting creatures (the same creatures used as a base for Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki), causing them to break out of the lab and make a beeline for Tenchi.

Episode 11 - The Advent of the Goddess

The dastardly Dr. Clay, acting on the orders of the mysterious Lady Tokimi, sends his robotic slave Zero down to earth to capture Washu. Zero transforms into an exact duplicate of Ryoko to infiltrate the Masaki household, but repeatedly fails to carry out her mission as she simply cannot cope with the wave of emotion she experiences when she is near Tenchi!

Episode 12 - Zero Ryoko

Zero fails in her mission to capture Washu and returns to Dr. Clay. Tenchi, Ryoko and Washu pursue her to locate and rescue the real Ryoko. When Washu confronts Dr. Clay, she reveals that she and Clay were once contenders for the director's chair at the Science Academy, but Clay was cast out for misusing his scientific talents. He tries to destroy Tenchi as a means of manipulating Washu, but Zero betrays him and he is forced to destroy his ship to make an escape.

Episode 13 - Here Comes Jurai!

Tenchi's life is disrupted once again when some visitors from Jurai arrive. Funaho, Tenchi's Juraian great-grandmother, and her sister Misaki, who is also Ayeka and Sasami's mother, are paying a visit to Earth. Funaho has come to see her son Yosho, and to make an interesting offer to Washu. Soon after, Misaki and Funaho's husband, King Azusa of Jurai, arrives and tells Ayeka that she must marry the man he has chosen already, Seiryo. The only way Ayeka can be saved from this fate is for Tenchi to beat him in a duel!

Episode 13a - Here Comes Jurai 2

A short "picture book" episode (vocal track and still images) foreshadowing events in the third OVA series. Mihoshi returns back from GPHQ with news of Dr. Clay. Washu carries out an amusing experiment on Ryoko. Elsewhere, Lady Tokimi and D3's interest in Tenchi grows, and a powerful warrior is summoned.

Episode 14 - A Visitor From Afar

The mysterious warrior summoned by D3 and Tokimi is sent to Earth. Meanwhile, Tenchi reminisces about the unusual events in his life that have led him to where he is now, as well as the death of his mother ten years previously. Ryo-Ohki wanders off and gets lost in the woods. After coming to her rescue, Ryoko begins to act more affectionately towards her. The next day, the Masaki household receives a most unexpected visitor.

Episode 15 - Fiancée

The woman who arrived at the Masaki house turns out to be Tenchi's sister, Tennyo. She has arrived with news that Seto Kamiki, the princesses' grandmother and self-appointed matchmaker of the Juraian royal family, has picked out a fiancée for Tenchi. Before long, Tenchi's grandmother Airi arrives...but what has become of the would-be fiancée Airi was escorting?

Episode 16 - Now Resting ~Strategy~

A combination of stress and exhaustion leaves Tenchi bedridden, and Tenchi's fiancée Noike nurses him back to health. Once he recovers, Noike shows Tenchi a new experimental Juraian ship designed to be more effective against any attacking foe. Meanwhile, the Kuramitsu family have received word that Mihoshi is unhappy on Earth, and send their state-of-the-art battleship out to collect her.

Episode 17 - Here Comes Misao on the Chobimaru

Mihoshi's brother Misao develops the notion that his beloved sister is part of a harem run by Tenchi and swears to kill him. However, his adjutant, Mashisu, has other plans for the mission. Meanwhile, the princesses' grandmother, Lady Seto, arrives for a visit, and the family prepare a special meal to welcome her.

Episode 18 - The Great Lovey-Dovey Plan ~Beginning of the End~

The girls fight off Mashisu and her heavy mob, and Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki take on the massive battleship the Chobimaru. Mashisu, meanwhile, is forced to confront her feelings for Misao, and she begs Misao to make a choice between her and his beloved sister.

Episode 19 - Z

Lady Tokimi's progeny Z finally moves against Tenchi, and an epic battle in space ensues. However, when the other two chōshin, Tsunami and Washu, discover Z's motivation for wanting to kill Tenchi, they are forced to move against their sister, bringing about a confrontation that threatens to destroy Tenchi, Z and the universe itself.

Episode 20 / Special - Bright and Sunny Tenchi, But With High Waves?

In the aftermath of the Chobimaru incident, the Kuramitsu family meet to discuss the futures of, among others, Mashisu and Misao. Tenchi's family has much to discuss as well, including finally revealing to Tenchi the truth about his mother. More astonishing revelations come to light when Tokimi and Washu reveal the identity of the little girl whose life Tenchi saved.

Special - Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure

Mihoshi recounts the tale of how, with her partner Kiyone, she helped solve the case of the Ultra Energy Matter robberies, played out in flashback with all the familiar characters taking roles in the story. Space pirate Ryoko, who is working for the evil mad scientist Dr. Washu, is stealing concentrated energy to power her universe destroying machine. On top of that, she has kidnapped GP Investigator Tenchi! Mihoshi's tale gets more and more ludicrous as it progresses, and ends with the day being saved by Pretty Sammy, a mysterious magical girl who bears more than a passing resemblance to Sasami!


Many of the "next episode" previews shown at the end of the OVA episodes contain animation which is unfinished, or which never appears in the subsequent episode. This is because the episodes are usually made and released in sequence (instead of all at once like a TV series), so in some cases, special effects have yet to be added, or whole "mock-up" shots are quickly created as substitutes for the incomplete final sequences. Sometimes the results of technique tests, colour tests and rushes (overnight film prints used to check for errors) are also used in the previews.

Preview vs Episode 1 a. Before and after special effects. In the final sequence, a glow and soft focus effect were added.
Preview vs Episode 2 b. Mihoshi's costume's colour scheme was altered between the preview and the episode. In the preview, Mihoshi's animation layer is incomplete, so only a few cels would have needed repainting.
Preview vs Episode 3 c. One of many sequences that was reanimated entirely between the preview and the actual episode.

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