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Pretty Sammy Characters

Sasami Kawai / Pretty Sammy Sasami Kawai / Pretty Sammy
Sasami Kawai / Pretty Sammy Ordinary elementary schoolgirl Sasami Kawai becomes the unwilling participant in an interplanetary game of one-upmanship when she is chosen as an ambassador for peace by Tsunami, a candidate for the crown of Juraihelm. Her mission is to protect Earth, and she is given great magical powers to do so; powers that transform her into the magical girl Pretty Sammy. She is given a magical baton which transforms her when she chants the spell "Pretty Mutation Magical Recall". However, poor Sasami is bewildered to have such a great responsibility thrust upon her, and often wishes she could return to being a simple schoolgirl once more!
Japanese Voice: Chisa Yokoyama
English Voice: Sherry Lynn

Misao Amano / Pixy Misa Misao Amano / Pixy Misa

Every superhero needs their arch-nemesis, and Pretty Sammy's comes in the form of Pixy Misa. The normally shy and withdrawn Misao, Sasami's best friend and classmate, is chosen by Tsunami's rival Ramia as her representative of chaos and catastrophe. When hypnotised by Rumiya, Misao becomes Pixy Misa, a force of uncontrollable mischief bent on destroying Pretty Sammy. She is capable of conjuring up Love-Love Monsters, bizarre creatures that are made by infusing ordinary objects with evil magic, to do her dirty work. Because she is hypnotised before transforming, Misao has no idea that she is really Pixy Misa.

Misao Amano / Pixy Misa
Japanese Voice: Rumi Kasahara
English Voice: Sue Turner-Cray (OVA 1), Lara Cody (OVA 2-3)

Tsunami Tsunami
Tsunami As a candidate for the crown of the kingdom of Juraihelm, Tsunami is obliged to complete a task to prove her worthiness. She must select a representative on planet Earth to do good deeds and maintain the peace. Tsunami selects Sasami Kawai, and presents her with a baton that allows her to use magic. Because the performance of her selected magical girl will determine her future as queen, she cannot interfere with Sasami's progress, so she sends her assistant Ryo-Ohki to look after her and teach her the ways of magic. Tsunami's approach to leadership is much the same as her approach to life - the pursuit of justice, peace and friendship. She is particularly fond of flowers and classical music.
Japanese Voice: Chisa Yokoyama
English Voice: Sherry Lynn (OVA1), Lara Cody (OVA 2-3)

Ramia Ramia

Ramia is the second candidate for the crown of Juraihelm, and is confident that she will be selected until the royal council chooses Tsunami over herself. Enraged by the decision, Ramia makes it her sole purpose to scupper Tsunami's bid for leadership by creating a magical girl of her own, Pixy Misa. Despite masterminding her attempt to discredit Tsunami, she gets her little brother Rumiya to doing most of the dirty work, sending him off to summon Misa while she usually sits at home and watches.

Japanese Voice: Maya Okamoto
English Voice: Susan Brecht

Ryo-Ohki Ryo-Ohki
Ryo-Ohki Ryo-Ohki is sent to Earth by Tsunami as a guide and sidekick for Pretty Sammy. Taking the form of a cat (or at least what Tsunami thinks Earth cats look like), he remains at Sasami's side, presenting her with her magical baton when needed as well as dispensing advice and support. Although capable of human speech, he is careful only to meow when around other people to avoid suspicion. He is also capable of using magical powers, and late in both TV and OVA series takes on humanoid form to help Sammy out of a tricky situation.
Japanese Voice: Etsuko Kozakura
English Voice: Debi Derryberry

Rumiya Rumiya

Rumiya is Ramia's downtrodden and long-suffering little brother. Acting under the orders of his bullying sister, he makes frequent trips down to Earth to hypnotise Misao and transform her into Pixy Misa. While on his missions to Earth, he takes the form of a bird (purple in the OVA series, green in the TV series). Following his sister's orders and forcing Misao to change against her will is made doubly difficult for him after he develops a crush on her!

Japanese Voice: Mifuyu Hiiragi
English Voice: Debi Derryberry (OVA 1), Susan Brecht (OVA 2-3)

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