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Tenchi Muyo! GXP Characters

Seina Yamada Seina Yamada
Seina Yamada Click for trivia

Seina Yamada, a young man with an incredible knack for causing disaster wherever he goes, finds himself signed up to join the Galaxy Police after meeting an officer who crash-lands on Earth. He soon discovers that his talent for misfortune actually comes in useful in attracting (and ultimately capturing) the space pirates that terrorise law-abiding travellers. Although he takes many of his life's unusual events in his stride with an almost casual attitude, he can show great courage, decisiveness and determination when the need arises.

Japanese Voice: Shigeru Mogi
English Voice: Tony Oliver (credited as Raphael Antonio)

Kiriko Masaki Kiriko Masaki

Kiriko has known Seina for most of his life, and since so few people would go near him for fear of his bad luck, when he made friends with her younger brother she took it upon herself to look after the unfortunate lad. Few people on Earth know of her career in the Galaxy Academy Immigration Office, and even she herself is unaware that she is distantly related to the Masaki royal house of Jurai. She is very protective of Seina, and although normally the most level-headed of Seina's appointed supervisors, she tends to lose her temper when other women start paying too much attention to him!

Kiriko Masaki Click for trivia
Japanese Voice: Sakuma Kumi
English Voice: Wendee Lee

Amane Kaunaq Amane Kaunaq
Amane Kaunaq Click for trivia

Amane is, or rather was, a second-class detective in the Galaxy Police, reassigned as an instructor at the Academy as punishment for her poor judgement in giving Seina the application form that started everything off. She is the daughter of a famous fashion designer, and used to be a model before she decided to join the Galaxy Police. She is a competent officer and an excellent markswoman, but rather hot-headed at times. She often takes great delight in teasing Seina with her sex appeal, but beneath it all she does genuinely care for him.

alternative spelling: Kaunakku

Japanese Voice: Mariko Suzuki
English Voice: Dorothy Melendrez (credited as Annie Pastrano)

Ryoko Balouta Ryoko Balouta

Despite captaining a pirate ship in the Da Ruma guild of space pirates, Ryoko is the antithesis of a typical space pirate. Genteel and slightly bashful, her initial fascination with Seina and his talent for rounding up pirates quickly develops into a soft spot for the lad. Soon she is torn between her loyalty to the Guild, who want to see Seina destroyed, and her own feelings for him. Although she is a wanted criminal, she has quite a following within the Galaxy Police.

alternative spellings: Ryouko; Balta, Baruta

Ryoko Balouta Click for trivia
Japanese Voice: Aya Hisakawa
English Voice: Barbara Goodson

Neiju Na Melmas Neiju Na Melmas
Neiju Na Melmas Click for trivia

Despite her physical appearance, Neiju has been the high priestess of the religious state of the planet Melmas for some 2,000 years. Her natural ageing process was frozen to preserve her purity and her psychic powers, but now she has left the priesthood she has allowed herself to age normally again. She is capable of controlling others' minds, a talent which ensured a great deal of control over the politics of Melmas during her time as high priestess. When she meets Seina, she instantly latches onto him as a "big brother" figure, inspiring much jealousy from the other three girls.

alternative spellings: Neeju, Neju, Neige; Merumasu

Japanese Voice: Nana Mizuki
English Voice: Sandy Fox (credited as Marie Danielle)

Fuku Fuku

Created by Washu, Fuku is a core component of the spaceship Kamidake II. Looking very much like her sister Ryo-Ohki, she acts as its central computer, controlling many of its systems including navigation, weapons and defence. Although the rigours of combat initially prove too much for the young cabbit, she soon gains the confidence to face the dangers of fighting space pirates. She is capable of linking with other ships, including Juraian royal tree ships, to augment her own power. Fuku cannot take on humanoid form yet, but according to Washu with enough time and care she could have the same potential as Ryo-Ohki.

Fuku Click for trivia
Japanese Voice: Tomoko Kaneda
English Voice: Lara Cody (credited as Deanna Morris)

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